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Board Bring-Up and BDI3000 Bundles

Launching a new hardware for an embedded solution can be a time consuming task. Our Board Bring-Up services can help you shorten your time to market and allow you to focus on the competitive aspects of your hardware. 

Our services will provide you with all the necessary configuration and software work required for your board from the power on to Linux command shell on the console.

Abatron's BDI3000 family hardware debuggers are high quality, reliable debug tools preferred and used by most embedded Linux developers. BDI3000 debuggers with bdiGDB firmware provide a high-speed BDM/JTAG interface to GNU debugger.

BDI3000 with bdiGDB facilitates  debugging Linux kernel and your own drivers through GDB via BDM/JTAG interface at source code level and supports a wide spectrum of processors. It features on-board flash memory programming for most popular flash memories and supports host connection via RS232 and Ethernet (10/100).

Our BDI3000 bundles with our precise and timely services are the perfect combination for speeding up your initial board bring-up work while providing the best framework to increase the quality of your own in-house low-level software development.

We offer flexible combinations of our services and BDI3000s for your hardware requirements.

Board Bring-Up Services + BDI3000

Design Services  + Board Bring-Up Services  + BDI3000

To get more information about our bundles and discuss your board bring-up and bdI3000 needs please contact us at .