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Vertical Reference Applications

Our Vertical Reference Applications are out-of-box ready to run solutions. They support a set of hardware reference boards provided by the hardware vendors.

Benefits of our Vertical Reference Applications are twofold:

For the hardware designer it demonstrates the rich set of features for the choice of the chipset and for the software team it minimizes software development  time and overall time to market.

Bootbits offers the following lines of vertical applications:

  • Wireless access points
  • Small office VPN router
  • Network attached storage server
  • Wireless media gateway
  • IP PBX with SIP and ISDN interface

Supported reference boards:

Freescale MPC8313RDB, MPC8315RDB, MPC8323RDB, MPC8378RDB, iMX28EVK, P2041RDB, Nitrogen6x and AMCC Sequoia Reference Board  

Interface extensions:

Atheros based wireless cards, Cologne HFC4S-8S based PCI and PCIe ISDN cards and Cologne XHFC-4SU based eval board.

If you are a hardware vendor consider having your hardware supported by our applications. This will help your customers to see and understand the unique features of your hardware.

Base your embedded solution on one of our reference applications. This will minimize your risk and leave more time to focus on your competitive features.

For detailed information and to discuss your needs for your embedded projects please contact us at   or call us at (613) 686 2007